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Cafetto @home Grinder Cleaner

Product Id : 27859

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Cafetto @home Grinder Cleaner

Product Id : 27859

Eco-friendly grinder cleaner for home or office coffee grinders. 100% natural and effective.
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    Looking for a grinder cleaner that is 100% natural, yet highly effective at removing coffee oils and odours from coffee grinders? Designed for burr grinders and conical grinders. NOTE: NOT FOR USE IN GRINDERS BUILT-IN TO ESPRESSO MACHINES.


    - Gluten free

    - Low dusting

    - Registered for organic use.

    OMRI Listed.

    Use once per month, or more frequently if required.  3 sachets at 25 grams each provides 3 doses.

    1) Empty all coffee from grinder.

    2) Empty sachet of Eco Grinder Cleaner into the grinder.

    3) Operate the grinder.

    4) Empty the grinder dosing chamber of Eco Grinder Cleaner residue and brush out any dust.

    5) To season the grinder burrs, repeat the above process once with coffee beans.

    6) The grinder is now ready for use. 

    Please note: A small amount of dust may develop during the grinding process - this is harmless.  Wipe the dust particles from the hopper, spout and doser.

    UPC: 9345941277847

    To read the Safety Data Sheet for this product, click here.