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  1. Cafetto @home Milk Frother

    Cafetto @home Milk Frother

    product Id: 27822

    Cafetto eco-friendly formula for cleaning and sanitising automatic milk frothers and milk lines for home use. 

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  2. Cafetto @home Pod/Capsule Cleaner

    Cafetto @home Pod/Capsule Cleaner

    product Id: 27834

    Eco-friendly cleaner and descaler for all types of pod/capsule coffee machines.
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  3. Cafetto @home Liquid Descaler

    Cafetto @home Liquid Descaler

    product Id: 27846

    Cafetto organic blend of acids for use in descaling espresso machine equipment for the home or office.

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  4. Cafetto @home Descaler Powder

    Cafetto @home Descaler Powder

    product Id: 27867

    Eco-friendly descaling powder for home/office espresso machines.
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  5. Cafetto @home Cleaning Tabs - 8

    Cafetto @home Cleaning Tabs - 8

    product Id: 27880

    Eco-friendly cleaning tablets for home/office espresso machines - blister pack of 8
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  6. Cafetto @home Grinder Cleaner

    Cafetto @home Grinder Cleaner

    product Id: 27859

    Eco-friendly grinder cleaner for home or office coffee grinders. 100% natural and effective.
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  7. Cafetto Restore Descaler - 4 Pack

    Cafetto Restore Descaler - 4 Pack

    product Id: 28303

    Cafetto descaling powder sachets - 4 Pack

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7 Item(s)