Producing great coffee is all about reducing variables. Getting your coffee ratio & weight perfect is crucial to a perfectly brewed coffee or espresso extraction. The Brew Global range of coffee scales covers a wide range of sizes and prices to suit coffee enthusiasts at all levels. Why not stand out from the crowd & customise your scales with our lazer etching service.

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  1. Brewista Smart Scale II

    Brewista Smart Scale II

    product Id: BSSRB2


    Brewista Smart Scale II
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  2. Brewista Smart Scale

    Brewista Smart Scale

    product Id: BSC2BNVWP


    SOLD OUT! - New Generation 2 model available here

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  3. Tuff Scale

    Tuff Scale

    product Id: TUFF-1000


    A must have for your tool kit! This precise and compact scale will fit neatly in your pocket or your tool kit.

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  4. Coffee Gear Bench (Portafilter) Scale

    Coffee Gear Bench (Portafilter) Scale

    product Id: CGPORT2KG

    Regular Price: $29.95

    Special Price $19.95

    Check every dose with ease! The Coffee Gear Bench/Portafilter scale makes weighing the portafilter handle a breeze. Its generous surface allows for quick and easy placement providing any professional barista with the ability to hit the right dose every time!


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  5. Flex-a-Bowl Scale

    Flex-a-Bowl Scale

    product Id: BSCFB2000

    Regular Price: $59.95

    Special Price $39.99

    Brewista Flex-a-Bowl Scale
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  6. 2000g calibration weight

    2000g calibration weight

    product Id: YWTC-2000


    2000g calibration weight
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  7. 100g calibration weight

    100g calibration weight

    product Id: YWTC-100


    100g Calibration weight
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  8. 500g calibration weight

    500g calibration weight

    product Id: YWTC-500


     Scale Calibration Weight - 500g

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  9. 1000g calibration weight

    1000g calibration weight

    product Id: YWTC-1000


    Scale Calibration Weight - 1000G 

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9 Item(s)