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  1. Coffee Gear Bench (Portafilter) Scale

    Coffee Gear Bench (Portafilter) Scale

    product Id: CGPORT2KG


    Check every dose with ease! The Coffee Gear Bench/Portafilter scale makes weighing the portafilter handle a breeze. Its generous surface allows for quick and easy placement providing any professional barista with the ability to hit the right dose every time!


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  2. Coffee Gear Dosing Scale

    Coffee Gear Dosing Scale

    product Id: CGDOSE500


    Perfect for weighing the dose for espresso baskets. The Coffee Gear Dosing Scale weighs in 0.1g increments up to 500g.  

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  3. Coffee Gear Brewing Scale

    Coffee Gear Brewing Scale

    product Id: CGBREW2KG


    Taking up to 2kg in weight with such a small footprint makes this scale the perfect companion for Brewing.

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  4. Coffee Gear Rekrow micro burner

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4 Item(s)