Sasa Sestic and his OCD

Current world barista champion Sasa Sestic first conceived the idea for the OCD in 2012 when he realised there was a need to create consistency between baristas in a café setting. In the years since its conception, the OCD has evolved into so much more.

 Some of the key features of the OCD include:

 -     The design of the OCD features four angled slopes which ensure efficiently and evenly distributed coffee.

-     The flexibility of the OCD means that the range of doses can be adjusted depending on the roasting style, even suiting           larger baskets and very low doses.

-     No need to collapse your dose – collapsing your dose can lead to inconsistent extraction and the taste can suffer.

 All in all the OCD creates a perfectly flat surface to tamp upon. When making a great coffee there are many variables, the OCD is about taking control and eliminating the inconsistencies. Click here to read more about this great innovation