Your stories tell the story – the success of the Brewista Cold pro brewing system

Thanks to the insight and 'open eyes & ears' of Industry Icon and Engineer Brian Gross, a simple but effective innovation was developed for Cold Brew Coffee lovers everywhere. The ‘lift, twist and drain process’ using a permanent filter module has resulted in better yields, less wastage and greatly reduced labour which translates to significant savings for Brewista Cold Pro users .....and even more importantly a better Cold Brew Coffee.

 It’s the satisfied customers that really tell the story…See what they have to say;

“We were so excited to get the Brewista Cold Pro systems in our facility. Prior to the Cold Pro we were gorilla brewing twenty four gallons of ice coffee a day in restaurant style containers. We then did triple straining which seemed to take forever to do. With Cold Pro we are now brewing twenty four gallons with half of the containers and half the work time. We have four systems which allow us to offer our customers their choice of cold brews from blends to single origins, our customers love the idea.” The best part is that all our finished product is better tasting and our cold brew on nitro is so smooth and creamy. Since we started using the Brewista Cold Pro system, All of our customers have noticed a better glass of cold brew. Thank you Brew Global for helping Shenandoah Joe make a cold brew that customers keep coming back for!”

- Dave Fafara, Shenandoah Joe

The Cold Pro has been a life saver for us! We are currently brewing about thirty gallons a day for one of our stores and this has made the process of brewing cold brew that much easier.”

- Austin Amento, Augie’s Coffee

"I have really enjoyed using the Cold Pro System. The system is straight forward and very easy to use. Thanks to the combination of etched stainless steel, paper and spun fiber filters, as well as the option to elevate the basket. The resulting cold brew has much less sediment and is faster and more efficient at extracting cold brewed coffee than other systems I have used in the past. I also really like the size of the system as I can easily yield up to 6 gallons of coffee at one time, which easily fills up a corny keg for my nitro cold brew draught system in just (one) batch."

- Mitch Montgomery-Relevant Coffee

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Click the image below to check out the latest 'how to' video on using the Brewista Cold Pro system.