A Closer Look at The Brewista Kettle Range
The complete line up of Brewista Smart Pour™ and Stout Spout™ kettles has you covered, no matter what your needs. Available in stovetop (induction compatible), electric switch and variable temperature digital versions.
The Smart Pour™ series features an ultra-precise gooseneck spout. Designed with input from competitive baristas, the Smart Pour™ provides ultimate accuracy for pour over coffee, minimizing turbidity while ensuring complete saturation of the grounds.
The revolutionary Stout Spout™ series has an open tapered design to allow for speed pouring while still providing accurate and steady pouring.
Stovetop and electric switch models come standard with an analogue temperature gauge in the lid. These can easily be replaced with the Brewista Smart Temp™ programmable digital temperature gauge lid that emits an audible alert when the programmed temperature is reached.
Variable temperature models feature precise digital input for exact temperature control. They are also programmable to have the water heated at a specified time and a keep warm feature that will maintain temperature for up to one hour. Electric switch and variable temperature models feature automatic shut-off after 60 minutes and lift off bases so there is no cord to interfere with pouring. Models sold outside of North America have detachable power cords and are available to work with virtually power source worldwide.
All Brewista water kettles are made of durable 25 gauge 300 series stainless steel for durability and have ergonomically designed handles for easy balance and control.  Each kettle has a convenient 1.2 litre capacity.
The Smart Pour™ Gooseneck Kettle Range (click image for more information)
The Stout Spout™ Cupping Kettle Range (click image for more information)